Best in class workflow tools so you’re

able to get the most from
your packaging workflows.

We understand

Clients today require support that enables them to work faster and smarter. WEG delivers great design, separations and plates to keep things moving: on time and on budget

At WEG, we’ve developed a suite of best in class workflow tools so you’re able to get the most from your packaging workflows.


  • Design
  • Brand Guardianship
  • Print Quality Management
  • Sales Samples & Prototyping
  • Extended Gamut Separations
  • 3D rendering
  • Photography
  • Contract Proofing
  • Print Inventory Management
  • Image Carriers (HD Plating, Sleeves)
  • Prepress
  • Production Art
  • Asset and Die Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Support

Why Integrated Workflows Matter

It’s using a single resource to establish & manage brand identity across printing processes, geographic regions, and packaging structures / substrates.

It begins with the end in mind; delivering a color managed workflow from design through print.

It’s "One Version of the Truth" - a single file is used for every printer, with color adjusted to compensate for press conditions. This one file is easier to archive or manage in the event of change.

It delivers synergies that drive both automation and significant cost savings.

How an integrated approach delivers better results

Establishes continuity of Brand Identity through consistent Design and Trademark representation

Master Images, Brand logos and graphics elements are created once and stored in libraries for reuse; eliminating use of obsolete art.
A Central Color Library delivers digital standards for all equity colors.

An integrated, centralized process delivers consistency of color and graphics across printers, processes and substrates by standardizing prepress / proofing across global printer network:


Independent workflows and adaptable files enable you to easily change suppliers while maintaining consistency which gives you clear ownership of packaging files and control over changes.


Consistent proofing reduces rework and enhances Brand imagery while giving you the ability to leverage on-site or soft proofing alternatives to reduce cycle times and costs.


Eliminates the reliance on printers to manage the graphics process; delivering greater flexibility in printer selection and providing cost transparency.

An integrated workflow simplifies the complex the packaging development process:

  • Automated workflows drive accuracy and efficiency gains
  • Project management resources and "Best Practice" methods eliminate the need for you to micro-manage project details which reduces your workloads
  • Cloud based graphics approval system - available globally, 24/7 help standardize processes, eliminates handoffs and reduces cycle time by reflecting all comments in real time
  • Print Quality Management systems gather and report on print activity to ensure that quality standards are achieved and maintained
  • Alignment with your corporate vision and goals encourages printers to continuously improve and innovate
  • Data collection & ongoing reporting of Key Performance Indicators provide actionable business metrics
  • Unbiased industry experts enable you to evaluate & leverages new print technologies and provide you with an objective technical perspective
  • KPIs/Reporting tools that give you the actionable metrics necessary to continue improving your packaging workflows