WEG Expertise and Support in the Manufacturing and Printing of Consumer Packaging

At the Start


We make sure to do our research to better get inside the mind of your end customer and deliver something that will creatively and effectively resonate with them.


A picture is worth a thousand words, let us help make sure that you are using the best images to represent and elevate your brand.

3D Rendering

An integral part of our workflow. Before going into production, we will develop a 3D rendering of your product to ensure that your final design is exactly what you want.

Sales Samples &

We help save you time and money by providing you a proof of your design concept before it goes into production.

Contract Proofing

We follow a very robust and stringent proofing process. All files are reviewed by our art department and the account management team assigned to your job, and each file is checked for both content accuracy and adherence to the required print specifications.

The Process

Production Art

We work with you from design to die-lines, providing proofs to ensure accuracy of color, printing alignment, and brand consistency.

Extended Gamut

We expand the color pallet outside of the traditional CMYK ranges in most printing to achieve the exact look that you want.

Pre-Press Process

The pre-press process is our specialty. Our design team’s expertise guarantees that not only will your final product look great, but the process will be seamless, timely, and accurate.


No matter what vendor you use, we verify that your files meet all regulatory requirements to avoid any unnecessary and costly reprints.

Image Carriers

Using our innovative HD Plating and Sleeve Technology, you can expect superior color and print results for your packaging.

Following Through

Asset and Die Management

We maintain all graphic components of your past projects (images, colors, dies, etc.) and work with vendors to guarantee brand consistency between each project.

Print Quality

Using comprehensive quality assurance and reporting, we eliminate the risk of a bad print job by continuously ensuring the same color, quality and overall brand consistency are achieved over multiple press runs.

Brand Guardianship

Your brand is what defines you. For that reason, we make it our goal to protect it at all costs and make sure that the artwork, colors, logos, and all other elements successfully represent your brand, whether it’s your first print job or your 500th.